Video Production

Video Production

What Story Do You Want to Create?

Video production is such a broad topic. There are many possibilities and avenues to explore.

The question is – what is right for you?

That is where we start – It comes down to what are you trying to do and what results are you looking for. I provide guidance and direction to help you figure out, what you need, how to use it, what to do with it and produce it for you.

Why buy a video that will do you no good? I also like to be frank, if I don’t think a video will do you any good at what you are trying to do. I will tell you that your money is better spent someplace else. There are too many snake oil salesmen as it is. Video has a place and a purpose – but it is not a cure-all your ailments.. and make you money too.

Let me illustrate. I get called upon to create videos for websites. One of the questions I ask is – “What do you want this video to do?” The answer I hear back is usually “Make Sales.” That is nice – we all want sales and a video or two can help you do that. However, there is more to it than just slapping a video – even a well made video on your website. “Ok, you want a video to make sales – is your website currently generating sales and/or leads now?” Unfortunately the answer I hear back is “No – that is why I want a video.” Ok, “Do you know how much traffic is coming to your website?” – “I have no idea..”

Do you start to see the problem here – Video is not the magic silver marketing bullet. Anybody that says it is – needs to be beaten with a rubber hose. However, if your website is getting traffic and converting people to sales or leads – Yes video can help you convert more. Because it will allow us to test and make small adjustments to increase your effectiveness. If you also want your website more discoverable and get more traffic, you need to have a powerful SEO. You will need the expertise of a credible SEO company.

For me, at the end of the day, I want my clients to be successful. I take great pride in that and I don’t mind telling them they are wasting their time/money it should be used on something else.

And story.. we will cover that in another topic.

Do you feel that a Video will be useful for your current efforts? To learn more and explore the possibilities – We Should Talk – Use the form below to contact me and we can setup a one on one chat.

Visual Integrity Studios – Provides consulting, concept creation, and production, that not only clears the confusion but will enable you to tell your story more effectively. So, people will immediately understand what you offer and the role it plays in their lives.

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