Product Photography on White

product photography on white

Product Photography on White – Should Not Be A Painful Process

Product Photography on White – are images of just your product on a plain solid color background – usually white. They can also be referred to as Catalog Photography. These images are perfect for all e-Commerce, Amazon Sellers, Shopify, Ebay, and more.

Good Product Photography on White is about clear, concise, consistent images that show your clients what they are getting. The primary function is to make your product look the best and to highlight any important features.

How We Work Together to Get the Image You Want

What we offer is a simple up front no B.S. approach to product photography on white. Unlike the online cookie cutter product photography factories, we work together to make sure you get what you need. The best part is – We don’t charge for re-shoots.

Consistent images are important. For whatever reason, some photographers think it is “being different” to create images that are all at slightly different angles, different lighting, and maybe even different backgrounds. Being different, just to be different is bad form. When those “different” images are on your catalog page – it doesn’t look pretty.

We understand the importance of delivering consistent images. That is why for each client we develop an Image Strategy that details the setup used to generate the images. This way the products we shoot for you today will match the one from 4 months ago. If not – we will re-shoot it to make it right.

Image Matching – Have Current Images, Need the New Images to Match

Things happen, for whatever reason your current photography is nowhere to be found. This causes two problems for you. The first problem is now you have products piling up and no images. The second, chances are the person that is no longer available did not leave any directions or guides on how to produce images of your current products. You have old images that will cost too much to have images re-shot, but the new images need to match the old.

Before you throw everything out and start over, We can match your existing images – saving you money.

Examples of Some Previous Work of Photography on White

Clothing on White

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