On Being Creative

Don’t let the idea of “creativity” become a distraction from the real work of creating images that matter.

I have seen too many people get caught up on “being creative.” Marketers and Photographers included. They fail to see the big picture of how the image they are creating will fit into their brand and resonate with the people they are trying to reach.

A focus on just being creative, for the sake of just being creative – produces images that are all show and no substance… Hollow

During our initial consultation, when I hear somebody say to me, “I want something creative – you know.”
No – I don’t know. Because, what I really hear is – “I have no idea what I really want – I haven’t thought out the message I want to show people, I have no idea how this fits into my brand image?” and those answers are some that we uncover during the consultation.

Creativity is good (when it solves a business/marketing problem), but where there is lack of meaning, a goal, and/or purpose – Just being creative – without purpose is a waste.

The real work starts with, uncovering the people you are talking to. Defining your purpose – defining your goals. Understanding your brand and what you want it to stand for.

Then we can work on showing them the things, only you can show them. – so that is resonates with your audience and is in harmony with your and brand image.

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