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Not all Product Photography is created equally. Here is why.

Most people that produce Product Photography default to showing the obvious. I call this showing what is just on the surface. Why do others do this? Because it is easy. And what you get is mediocre images that you can slap a competitor’s logo on and call it theirs. It doesn’t differentiate you and mediocre surface images don’t tell a story, or if they do it is the wrong story.

Here is something to consider – why not show the results of what people using your product will get. Show the outcome – There is a lot to be said about showing happy people, who had a problem before they met you, but now because of you, their lives are enhanced. Show what the customers are going to get because of you.

Let me illustrate by using a very simple product – A poncho. You know those thin plastic sheets that you put on when it is raining to stay dry.

On the surface, we can show how it will keep a person dry, how easy it is to put on.. or better yet how yours keeps somebody dryer than the others on the market by being bigger or whatever.

Why not dig deeper – what would this simple poncho mean to somebody that was, on a date and got caught outside in the rain? And by the way doesn’t have just one poncho but two, because they thought ahead. In that situation, would the person that had the ponchos be thought of more highly – than say a person that didn’t have anything? The story could be, How our poncho saved a date and created a marriage. There are a vast array of stories that can be created that show your product being used in a way that enhances lives of those that are using it.

Some things to think about:

  • Who are you trying to appeal to?
  • Why would somebody come to or use your Product? – Don’t say best or quality
  • What do you want them to experience?
  • What do you want them to feel?
  • What story do you want them to associate with you?
  • What life events would you want them to share with you?
  • How can you help them achieve their unspoken desires?
  • How can you connect with them?
  • What problem do they have? How do you solve it? What is their life like before you and after you?
  • How does your product fit into their lives?
  • What are some other usages of your product?


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