Food and Drink Photography

Food and Drink Photography

Food Photography – It Is About Solving Your Customer’s Hunger Problem In Your Restaurant 

The Food Photography I mostly focus on is for restaurants, however, I am always open to exploring other ideas you might have. If you haven’t seen the information on Restaurant Advertising Photography, I encourage you to take a look after you check out the Food Photography. This will give you a better idea of where Restaurant Advertising Photography and Food Photography fit into an overall marketing plan.

You used our Restaurant Advertising Photography to get the customers to your restaurant by showing them you can solve one of their problems. Now is the time to start showing the story of your food, because I bet they are hungry. It is just a good guess.

Here is what gets me – very few places take advantage of this. Don’t wait until your customers are seated before starting the story. If a customer has a to wait – why not present them with a glossy printed menu of that night’s specials that includes nice food photos and drink photos. Even a blurb or two about your restaurant, “We have Gluten Free Options” “All Local Organic Products”. You have a captive audience – why not take advantage of it.

Table Tents – Personally I am not a fan because they are distracting – but that is up to you.

The menu – I recommend showing pictures of your most popular items. Show the customer what they are going to get, not only with the food but in an experience. A couple sharing a bottle of wine, sharing an appetizer and drinks set on a background of a destination. and don’t forget about the dessert menu. Happy people sharing a desert.

One last thing… Before they leave make sure you have a way to collect their information so you can market to them later. Think back to the question of – “What life events would you want your customers to share with you?” I will cover some more ideas on this in another post.

Get The Images That You Want

This is very important – Planning is not an option – it is required. This is where there is no substitute for hiring a professional photographer with not only experience in food photography but with planning and managing logistics.

When you work with us, each project starts with an Image Strategy Session. We meet with you to develop a creative brief. This is where we work with you to take your idea and clearly communicate it so that it can be translated into an image.

Ideally, if visual guidance can be provided as to what you would like to achieve photographically, it makes a huge difference and speeds up the process. We can discuss what you would like or for the image to portray, but you can never have as clear of an understanding as to when you show us visually what your objectives are.
But, we know that visual guidance is not always possible when exploring ideas.

Depending on the complexity of the image – we provide mock-ups as a way to clearly communicate ideas. Mock-ups do not truly represent the finished work. But, They do provide a visual tool to make sure we all share the same common idea for the photographic outcome. Before a lot of money and time is invested in a project that is not to your liking.

Once the strategy has been developed, the logistical issues will need to be addressed. Every shoot is somewhat of a challenge. A target shooting date has to be set and agreed upon. Locations must be chosen and checked for their suitability. If talent is being used, they too need to be selected based on your ideal audience, booked and their accommodation arranged. Props must be found, procured and moved to the shoot.

After the shoot – there is post-production work as well, before delivering the final images to you.

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