Creating Compelling Images


Compelling Images Start With The Understanding of Who You Are Trying to Reach

OK… Ready…. Fire… Aim… Don’t be this person shooting into the bushes hoping to hit something.

It is very common to find people who are spending sizable sums of money, exerting enormous effort, utilizing and ever expanding array of media in pursuit of new clients.

However! They put in little or no regard for who, specifically, is or should be the specific client sought.

If you have no clue who you are talking to, how do you know what to show them to get their attention?

Spend some time thinking about who you are for. and who you are not.

We are for men who are passionate about deep water fishing and want the best gear for themselves because they are tired of losing the big catch.
We are for families – that have children – here nobody will look at you funny when you bring in your kids to eat in our restaurants.

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