Cell Phone Videos

It Is Not What You Say – It is The Context of Which You Say It

Maybe you have seen these cell phone videos that some businesses are posting. They are impromptu – of somebody walking around – just talking – or in the car as they drive.

I rank this up there with people talking on their cell phone in the check out line and not giving the check out person the time of day. It is bad form.

Here is what I have to say.. STOP! Stop and focus on your audience. Focus on what you are saying.

After all – if I come and do business with you, is that what I should expect. to be hurried about.

If what you have to say is truly important – show us – by stopping – showing us we are important. Showing us your message is important…

Show us by taking the time to stop.. slow down and speak to us like we are of value. Talk to us like we are having coffee – Sit down with us. Show us that you care.

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