Are You Logical in Your Decision Making

We like to think of ourselves as rational human beings but there is no escaping that the way we think and act is triggered and shaped by our initial emotional response to events, according to that includes advertising.   Logic is what we use to justify the decisions we make based on our emotions. 

Clarity About Your Audience

Are you clear about who your audience is? (and who they are not). Why are they your audience? What makes them so special? What about your proposition. What do you offer? Are are you willing to stick to it? That is a clear and focused proposition. Will you throw it away when you are presented […]

Images That Are Relevant and Meaningful

Actually, we have become quite good at filtering out 1000s of messages to focus on those that are meaningful to us. Think about it for a second, the advertising which as been the most meaningful to you? I am not talking about the loudest, the funniest, weird, or the most entertaining for the sake of […]

Creating Compelling Images

OK… Ready…. Fire… Aim… Don’t be this person shooting into the bushes hoping to hit something. It is very common to find people who are spending sizable sums of money, exerting enormous effort, utilizing and ever expanding array of media in pursuit of new clients. However! They put in little or no regard for who, […]

On Being Creative

I have seen too many people get caught up on “being creative.” Marketers and Photographers included. They fail to see the big picture of how the image they are creating will fit into their brand and resonate with the people they are trying to reach. A focus on just being creative, for the sake of […]