Advertising Photography

Advertising Photography

Photography Is The Single Most Important Element Of Advertising Campaigns.

Advertising Photography is the creation of photographs to sell not only products but lifestyles, concepts, and ideas. Think of them as a speed of light message carrier – they transmit an idea in a blink of an eye.

When you are looking at an advertisement, what’s the first thing you notice? Is it the writing in the ad? Probably not. If you’re like most people, you notice images first. The images in an advertisement are what draws people’s eyes to it, and these images typically determine whether or not people continue to look at the advertisement. It’s also the last thing the viewer usually remembers after turning the page.

Advertising Photography should not only look good and make consumers want to buy the product or service or buy into an idea. But, they need to be designed around your brand. This means understanding the line the brand wants to take with a product, the kind of image, and the message it will convey.

Get The Images You Want

This is very important – Planning is not an option – it is required. This is where there is no substitute for hiring a professional photographer with not only experience in advertising photography but with planning and managing logistics.

When you work with us, each project starts with an Image Strategy Session. We meet with you to develop a creative brief. This is where we work with you to take your idea and clearly communicate it so that it can be translated into an image.

Ideally, if visual guidance can be provided as to what you would like to achieve photographically, it makes a huge difference and speeds up the process. We can discuss what you would like or for the image to portray, but you can never have as clear of an understanding as for when you show us visually what your objectives are.

But, we know that visual guidance is not always possible when exploring ideas.

Depending on the complexity of the image – we provide mock-ups as a way to clearly communicate ideas. Mock-ups do not truly represent the finished work. But, They do provide a visual tool to make sure we all share the same common idea for the photographic outcome. Before a lot of money and time is invested in a project that is not to your liking.

Once the strategy has been developed, the logistical issues will need to be addressed. Every shoot is somewhat of a challenge. A target shooting date has to be set and agreed upon. Locations must be chosen and checked for their suitability. If talent is being used, they too need to be selected based on your ideal audience, booked and their accommodation arranged. Props must be found, procured and moved to the shoot.

After the shoot – there is post-production work as well, before delivering the final images to you.



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