360 Video Production

360 Video Production

360 Video Production 

Immerse Your Audience In The Experience

Have you ever wanted to take your audience on a journey, so they can experience a place or event and feel like they are there?

This is the beauty of a 360 video is its ability to transport you to places that only a few people will see; to experience being there in the action; to see things from a different perspective.

360-degree video (also referred to as VR Video) is an engaging and immersive type of video content. You can look anywhere and really feel like you’re there, without limits, and with control of what you see.

360 Video Usages

Live Event Filming:
If you’re holding a corporate or public event, why not give those who couldn’t be there a chance to watch it virtually – live or otherwise. Take festivals, for example, filming this live event not only gives you some quality content to attract your audience with; but also an opportunity to re-purpose this footage into promotional material to endorse future events. Show your audience what you offer in an extraordinary way.

Interactive Video Tours:
Whether you’ve opened up a new store or you want to draw attention to yourself at trade shows, a 360-degree video is a great way to show people where you are and what you have to offer.

Behind The Scenes:
Take an audience behind the scenes and show them what goes on. Give them access to difficult to reach places that only a few people see. Maybe you even have something you want to show off – but don’t want to open it up to physical public access. 360 Video will show what goes on behind closed doors and the cameras mount in places where people can’t, for a different perspective.

Share an Experience:
Let’s face it – not everyone will get to ride in a jet fighter or a Bugatti. Or even knows what it feels like to stand at the peak of a mountain; the silence of the desert. 360 Video is an immersive experience that allows you to share those things.

Instead of talking about places or how to do something. Put your audience right into it and replicate a real-life situation.

What We Offer

We offer full 360 Video production services, from concept to creation.
Currently we can provide up to 8K 360 Video – Stitched output – Editing.
Live Streaming at 4K direct to Facebook, Youtube or other live streaming services.

360 Degree Video Examples

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