360 Industrial Building Tours

360 Industrial Building Tours

Show Remote Industrial Locations

Safe and Controlled

For Training, Marketing, Trade shows / Expos

360 Virtual Industrial Building Tours show off remote industrial locations, in a safe and controlled way that can be used for Training, Marketing, Trade Shows, Expos and anything else you can dream up.

It is safe because it is virtual. It is controlled because we can limit the areas that can be seen.

Let me illustrate, you have oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, how much does it cost to fly a group of people out to one? What if you could virtually bring the platform to them? Maybe you want to highlight some piece of equipment or show them what it looks like in the drilling rig.

360 Virtual Industrial Building Tours are flexible and can be configured with a variety of options.

Options like:

  • You Own It – Unlike some others, you 100% own the tour.
  • Branding – Your colors and logo.
  • Maps – Making it easy to navigate
  • Start Slide Show – Communicate a company message
  • Links – To external sites for more information.
  • Add Videos or other Information – In the tour to highlight information that is important.
  • Offline Version – To use at trade shows that do not require an Internet connection. (that will save some money)

Do you feel that 360 Virtual Industrial Building Tours will be useful for your current efforts? To learn more and explore the possibilities – We Should Talk – Use the form below to contact me and we can setup a one on one chat.

Visual Integrity Studios – Provides consulting, concept creation, and production, that not only clears the confusion but will enable you to tell your story more effectively. So, people will immediately understand what you offer and the role it plays in their lives.

<The 360 Image Below is Interactive – Click and Drag to Look Around>

360 Industrial Building Tours

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