360 Degree Product Photography

360 Degree Product Photography

360 Degree Product Photography, A Product Story Customers Interact With


There are plenty of companies to choose from that can offer your spin photography. They are more than happy to, take your money, shoot your product and move on with the thinking of any image will do.

That is not what I am about.

The first thing, we need to have a talk to see if 360 Degree Product Photography is right for you and your customers before anything else happens. I get many people thinking that this will fix their sales problem – the magic bullet so to speak. It can help sales if you have things already working in your favor. If not I rather see you spend your money on something else that will flip the tables in your favor.

If it looks to be a fit, there are many things to be considered before the product photography even begins. Like the story aspect, (what does the customer need to know) Each of your products has a story to tell, the question I am always asking is – how can we (you and me working together) tell a better story – so that your customers will immediately understand what you offer and the role it plays in their lives.

There should always be a solid story, before we get to the various options, such as embed areas of interaction, called Hotspots. These Hotspots can link to different parts of your website, display more information, or even play marketing or how to videos about the various options and how they work.

360 Degree Product Photography is not something to simply jump into – it takes a well-laid plan to make it work effectively.


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