What is Visual Integrity Studios?

A Visual Content Production Agency

 Helping You Free Yourself from Dead Weight Visual Content. So You Can Grow Your People, Your Profits, and Social Impact.

Visual Content Production That We Produce :

  • Photography
  • Video
  • Immersive VR 360
  • Interactive

Industry Areas We Work With :

  • Training and Product Support
  • Marketing

One Day Jamie’s video will be here that you can use to scare off flies or your children. 

So, What is it that you do for me?


We Free You From the Dead Weight Visual Content. The content – Much like the dead weight employee – that just takes up space and has nothing to really offer anybody. Content that is just not a team player and may even be considered a brick wall to some. or in other words worthless to the greater good of your business, brand, goals and objectives. It is just there – doing nothing.

And it is there – right now – on your website, in your training videos, in your marketing materials – sucking up valuable resources faster than paper towels clean up spilled milk.

We Free You From:


  • Boring “Generic – everybody is using this – this way – look-a-like” Visual Content (unless you like being like everybody else).
  • Visual Content – that does not add value to your brand or business by:
    • Failing to align with your brand or business message.
    • Being disconnected from your goals, purpose, and objective.
    • Not being clear.
    • Being irrelevant to your target audience.
  • Lazy – Action-less Visual Content – that does not lead (or persuade) a person to take the next step or provides a means to take the next step.

How We Work


Visual Content is not an artistic exercise. It is not purely a visual creation. It is a strategic business asset. In fact – it should be strongly connected – to an outcome.

The process is collaborative and the heart of it lies with the content. What are you trying to say? What are you trying to get people to do? What are you hoping to achieve for your business or organization? With whom do you wish to communicate? These and other questions essential to the creation of “Action-Oriented Visual Content”.

The answer does not solely live in one person’s brain, be it the marketer or the trainer or the business owner or even us. Everyone holds a piece of the puzzle.

The work is identifying and ruthlessly refining the core messages and the top goals, then working to produce visual content supporting them.


Take The Next Step

If you are ready to ditch dead weight visual content or at the very least learn more about it. I invite you to use the form below to let us know – how we can help you.